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Employer branding covers all the activities to improve and manage your company's reputation amongst your future and current employees. Good employer branding results in a strong organization that can attract candidates and retains its best employees. If you want to improve yours, this guide will show you some employer branding examples from companies you can implement with your employer branding strategy.

Great talent is one of the most valuable assets for any company to succeed.

However, attracting, hiring, and retaining great employees is increasingly becoming a significant challenge for HR managers across industries and roles.

The talent-hiring market has too much noise to grab your ideal candidate's attention. Top candidates usually get hired within 10 days of seeking a new opportunity.

So what can you do so that the most sought-after candidates apply for your job openings over others?

One fundamental strategy that the top companies in the world have successfully utilized is building a strong employer brand.

Here are examples of employer branding you can use in your own business.

Examples of successful employer branding

1. Google
Google's employer branding is one of the strongest in the world.

Based on different studies, the company consistently ranks high in the "Best Places to Work" lists.

Every year the company receives more than 3 million resumes for a limited number of roles across functions.

They have, without a doubt, cracked the code to attract talent thanks to their exceptional employer branding strategies.

The company uses several methods to communicate and shape its employee experience narrative.

One notable example is the release of a feature film in 2013, The Internship, that showcases the experience of working as an intern at Google in a positive light.

It highlights the company's perks, like free food, spacious campus, and diverse workforce.

Studying Google's employer branding activities over the years is a great way to learn this employer marketing tool.
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