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If you have a big design project coming up and are new to design briefs, this guide can help explain what a design brief is and the key elements of creating one. Whether you’re working with a freelance designer or a design agency, you want to give them a design brief that explains what you want.

Overseeing a project that has a major visual element can be a daunting task. Working with a graphic designer or graphic design team requires spot-on communication to get optimal results.

This is why one of the most powerful tools at your disposal is the design brief.

Let’s dive into everything you need to know to create an effective design brief.

What is a design brief?
A design brief, also sometimes referred to as a creative brief, is a in which you outline your project's goals as they relate to the design. Design briefs are a reference point for every party involved in the design process. When the client has certain wants and needs to be factored into a design project, the design prompt is where they are laid out.

Design briefs can vary in terms of the scope and nature of a project, but the overall goal of a design brief is project management.

Whether you are working on a graphic design job with a design agency or freelance designer, it can be for many different design projects. Whether it is for an e-commerce website, an advertising campaign, logo design, film or TV production, or even interior design, a design brief is a in which all agreed-upon parameters and design requirements are laid out and understood by the designer, the client, creative director, project manager, and any other party that is involved.

Here is an example of a design brief template you could use and work from. We’ll get more into each section when we discuss how to write a design brief and the key elements you should include.
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